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2011 World Automotive Summit
How can we shape personal mobility for the megacity?

Kick-off session

Ms. Eva Molnar, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Prof. Jeff Kenworthy, Goethe University & Curtain University of Technology
Mobility in Megacities: An International Comparative Perspective With Implications for Urban and Transport Planning

Dr. Lawrence D Burns, University of Michigan
Reinventing the Automobile

Plenary: Urbanisation - shaping mobility in the cities of the future

Ms. Ann Flemer, Metropolitan Transportation Commission California
Urbanization - Shaping the Cities of the Future

Prof. Luis Antonio Lindau, EMBARQ Brasil
Urban Mobility in Brazil

Prof. Noboru Harata, University of Tokyo
Urban Transport Strategy: Tokyo 2050

Plenary: Driving forces behind mobility demand

Dr. Andreas Kopp, The World Bank
Driving Forces Behind Mobility Demand

Ms. Robin Chase, Buzzcar
New Economic Model: Built by the People Powered by Technology

Plenary: Overcoming the barriers to future mobility

Christian Kirschniak, IBM Deutschland
Advancing Mobility - The new frontier of smarter transportation

Patrick Martinoli, Orange Business Services
How can we shape personal mobility for the megacity

Peter Madden, Forum for the Future
What do we know about the future?

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion
Moderator: Prof. Ulrich Seiffert

Workshop Sessions

WS1: Do cars shape cities or do cities shape cars?
Moderator: Mr. Florian Lennert

WS2: Do city dwellers drive because they need to, or because they can?
Moderators: Mr. Frank Hansen & Dr. Tobias Kuhnimhof

WS3: Can the automobile survive in the megacity?
Moderator: Mr. Frank Ruff

The views and opinions expressed in these presentations are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of FISITA.