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The FISITA World Mobility Summit is the technical leadership event for the world’s pre-eminent executives in automotive and mobility systems engineering. This year’s FISITA World Mobility Summit was hosted online in a series of technical and discussion sessions between Tuesday 10th and Friday 20 November.

This year’s topic is ‘Sustainable Mobility for All’ and it covers:

  • Zero Impact on the Environment
  • Zero Waste (energy, time, space)
  • Zero Stress (seamless)
  • Zero Left Out (access to mobility for all)
  • Zero Fatalities (intelligent safety)

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Technical Session One - Tuesday 10 November

Introduction to Session

Moderator: Hans Greimel, Asia Editor, Automotive News

Technical Presentations (code required to access*)

Zero Impact on the Environment


Carmen Munoz-Dormoy, Downstream R&D Director, EDF Energy

Zero Waste (Energy, Time, Space)


André Broto, Strategy Director, VINCI Autoroutes


Technical Session Two - Thursday 12 November

Introduction to Session

Moderator: Hans Greimel, Asia Editor, Automotive News

Opening Speaker - Session Two


Heiko Carrie, President, Bosch France

Zero Left Out (Access to Mobility for All)


Hiroaki Okuchi, Operating Officer, Toyota Motor


World Café Session - Tuesday 17 November

World Café Roundtable Discussions

Summaries of the World Café discussions are available in the Summary session at the end of this list. An output paper is being developed from this content and further details will follow. Please contact us if you would like to be involved in similar activities in the future.

Moderator: Chris Mason, Chief Executive Officer, FISITA

Table Captains:

09:00 – Remi Bastien & Nadine Leclair

15:00 – Michael Bauer

17:00 – Tim Wallington

Attendees will be able to select which discussion session to join and will consider all three of the topics below.

Topic 1: Zero Impact on the Environment & Zero Waste

  • As regulations and standards become ever more stringent in relation to environmental impact, how will the industry continue to meet these rules at an affordable cost of ownership?
  • How could the automotive industry cooperate with other industries, such as energy, and infrastructure to anticipate regulation on the environment in order to enable more efficient responses?
  • What kind of partnership could we build with different territories to contribute together towards the goal of zero waste in a circular economy?

Topic 2: Zero Stress & Zero Left Out (Access to Mobility for All)

  • Autonomous vehicles and human machine interface offer the chance of seamless, stress-free mobility for all. Will these technologies meet these needs, and what challenges and opportunities do they bring?
  • How can we mobilize our industry to offer affordable and “easy to use” mobility to elderly or disabled people and for the populations of emerging countries?

Topic 3: Zero Fatalities (Greater Intelligent Safety)

  • With the increased emergence of advanced sensing systems, on-board processing capabilities and other technologies in vehicles, how will these contribute to zero fatalities? Are there any risks involved?
  • How can we take advantage of complementarity of infrastructure and embedded technology to decrease dramatically the risks of collisions (V2X and associated technologies)?

Summary Session - Friday 20 November

Two Summary sessions were run – one in the morning for time zones ahead of GMT (including much of Europe and Asia) and one in the afternoon for time zones behind GMT (including the Americas). Hans Greimel, Asia Editor, Automotive News moderated the earlier session and Remi Bastien, VP – Automotive Prospective, Groupe Renault moderated the later session. Videos are provided to the morning session only.

Moderator: Hans Greimel, Asia Editor, Automotive News

Introduction to Session

Moderator: Hans Greimel, Asia Editor, Automotive News

FISITA Academy of Technical Leadership Awards

The FISITA Academy endorsement delivers FISITA recognition and status for the world’s leading technology experts, as hand-picked on an annual basis by the FISITA President and an international team of advisors.

FISITA Presidential Handover and Conclusion

Professor Frank Zhao, FISITA President 2018-2020

Nadine Leclair, FISITA President 2020-2023

*Note: Videos have been edited from live stream to cut out any unnecessary pauses, repetition, and a few system issues. If you are part of a FISITA member organisation and do not have an access code, please contact your company's FISITA member representative, or contact FISITA directly. If you are not yet a member, but are interested in joining, please visit