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Endorsed by FISITA

What is Endorsed by FISITA?

Endorsed by FISITA has been created to acknowledge the highest quality, international technical events and conferences delivered through the international FISITA membership network.

For events and conferences that do not reach the Endorsed by FISITA standard, they will continue to be supported through listings in our International Automotive Diary of Events. Additional materials are available via our online Advice and Support pages and access to our Database of Experts who are part of the international FISITA network of industry and academic professionals. Questions should be directed to the FISITA Technical Officer.


FISITA Endorsed Events

2018 China SAE Congress & Exhibition (SAECCE)
6 - 8 November 2018, Shanghai, China

“We are honoured to receive such prestigious recognition from FISITA for our annual Congress, which is attended by thousands of automotive engineers from around the world. We are extremely proud to receive FISITA’s first certificate of Endorsement and would like to express our deepest gratitude to its Technical Committee for acknowledging China SAE.”

Dr. Jun Li, President, China SAE


Application Criteria

  1. Is this event/conference run regularly?
    This is required to ensure regular visibility and relevance within the community. Exceptions can be made for bi-annual events (e.g. FISITA World Automotive Congress).
  2. Does the event/conference attract in excess of 250 delegates
    This is required to enable relevance for a broad audience of delegates and speakers. Exceptions can be made for conferences where leadership attendees are the majority, for example

  3. Has the event/conference existed for a minimum of three years? 
    This is required to ensure the event/conference is established with a stable operation. This is an absolute requirement.

  4. Has the minimum average delegate satisfaction been in excess of 85% over the last two years?
    This is required to ensure consistent and relevant to target audiences over, rolling, mid-term time period. This can be referred to the Technical Committee where the required percentage is almost met and demonstrably improving.

  5. Is the international automotive and mobility systems engineering community attending this conference? 
    This needs to be demonstrated to ensure that it is relevant to the FISITA Mission and international membership community, through the types of delegates, speakers and exhibitors (where applicable) in attendance and demonstrated by the previous event’s attendance summary. This is an absolute requirement.

  6. Does the event/conference have the presence of major OEM brands, tier 1 and 2 suppliers and technology ‘newcomers’ to the industry? 
    This indicates the quality and relevance of the event/conference required to sustain “Endorsed by FISITA” status and can be reflective of the geographic region of the conference. Demonstrated by types of delegates, speakers and exhibitors (where applicable) in attendance and by the previous year’s attendance summary. This can be referred to the Technical Committee for approval where there is uncertainty.

  7. Will/is the ‘Endorsed by FISITA’ branding prominently featured across the conference literature, online, marketing and onsite?
    Delivering consistent, repetitive visual messages internationally regarding the qualitative standard of this conference, validating the event and ‘Endorsed by FISITA’ as the international seal of good housekeeping. This is an absolute requirement.

  8. Are the technical papers presented at the event/conference a benchmark of quality?
    To be demonstrated by standards applied to the vetting and approval process and by downstream use/availability of technical papers first presented at this event/conference. This is an absolute requirement at events/conferences where technical paper content is generated.

  9. Does the event/conference qualify for attendance through the clearance conditions of FISITA Corporate Members?
    This is an external indicator of the quality of a conference for major manufacturers, suppliers and service providers within the automotive and mobility services sector. This can be referred to the FISITA Technical Committee for approval where there is uncertainty.

In situations of uncertainty or where absolute conditions are not met and the event is still considered to be of high enough quality a vote will be taken by the Technical Committee to approve or decline the application for Endorsed by FISITA, their decision being final.

Development and improvement advice and support will be provided to enable the applicant to achieve Endorsed status.