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Women Automotive Summit
13 June 2019  ·  Stuttgart, Germany

Title Women Automotive Summit
Date 13 June 2019
Location Le Meridien Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany
Organised by WWPS

An event about women in the automotive industry; but not just for women... 

Many companies have their own initiatives to promote diversity, but there is still a need for cross-industry collaboration.

What can you expect from this event:

  • Learn from industry leaders & listen to their success stories
  • Gain insight into how you can better yourself & reach your full potential
  • Network with your peers & discuss with other male and female attendees what needs to be done for future success

A few current speakers include:

  • Linda Jackson, CEO, Citroën, France
  • Helen Emsley, Executive Director, Global Design, General Motors, USA
  • Uwe Kueppers, Chairman EMEA, MESA & Senior Manager, Rockwell, Germany
  • Angelika Sodian, Managing Director, NIO, UK
  • Ellen Sasson, Automotive Industry Advisor, SAP, USA

For further information, visit the website:

Register with FISITA’s coupon code PAR25 for 25% discount when booking online:


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