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WEBINAR: The challenges of the production and use of biofuels in France: the example of biodiesel
1 July 2020

Title WEBINAR: The challenges of the production and use of biofuels in France: the example of biodiesel
Dates 01 July 2020
Location Online
Organised by SIA/SIAR


This cycle of conferences is organized each year, in partnership with the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, the IFP School, Sorbonne University, and the Society of Automobile Engineers of Romania.

It is aimed at engineers, technicians, researchers and students interested in the evolution of techniques to reduce energy consumption and polluting emissions from engines.


Biofuels are a major element of the energy mix contributing to France's energy and protein independence, the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the creation of jobs that cannot be relocated, the improvement of the trade balance and the development of green chemistry.

 Biodiesel, the most consumed biofuel on the territory, allows France to prepare the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies, this by producing on its territory a renewable energy based on biomass directly substitutable for fossil liquid fuel, diesel .

It is indeed essential to comply with the European objectives set by the Renewable Energies in Transport Directive thanks to its positive Greenhouse Gas report.

 This intervention will recall the history of development of this sector in France, in Europe and in the world and will make an inventory of its use in France in terms of regulation, production process, technical modalities of use in vehicles and consumption.

 The subject of the sustainability of the raw materials used, the use of resources and the overall greenhouse gas balance will be treated in order to compare the societal questions regularly raised and the positive externalities generated.


Finally, the development prospects, the challenges of evolution of this sector will be presented.


Kristell GUIZOUARN - Director of New Energies and Group European Affairs - AVRIL Group


Due to the confinement related to the health situation, this conference will take place in the form of a webinar.

The registration process remains the same as for the face-to-face conference.

Connection information will be sent to registrants a few days before the conference.

The conference will start at 18:00.


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