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SATL Automotive Aftersales Summit 2019
20 November 2019  ·  Helsink, Finland

Title SATL Automotive Aftersales Summit 2019
Date 20 November 2019
Location Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland
Organised by SATL

SATL Automotive Aftersales Summit carries out an annual get together among aftermarket sales decision-makers and to get ideas and affirmation to progress in the right direction with one's own function.

The theme on 20 November 2019 is:

The image of the future and new business models for aftermarket sales in the automotive industry

The theme is divided into four sections wherein perspectives are sought for the future challenges of maintenance and repair activities:

  • The continuing development of technology
  • Renewable business models
  • Networking and intelligence
  • The increase in societal requirements

Programme Outline

The Continuing Development of Technology

The great increase of electronics in vehicles as well as growth in the amount of information technology and software. The increase of automation in cars, systems aiding the driver, autonomous vehicles contain a new kind of integrated sensor, radar, camera and information technology.
The increase in electric and hybrid vehicles, also other alternative sources of power, such as gas and biofuels will become more common. The strong growth need for cold condition testing.

Renewable Business Models

New gigantic players that have come from outside the industry will change the market with new kinds of solutions; Tesla, Google, etc. The distribution road straightens, the consumer can buy the right to use a car from the Internet. From the sales of spare parts and maintenance services to a comprehensive service, owning a car changing to a buyer of a comprehensive service. Even a small repair shop can specialize and serve comprehensively due to IT.

Networking and Intelligence

Mobility, the integration of devices to mobile control smart house car ). The charging of electric cars at home and on the road also demands new structural engineering solutions. Data management and data protection are a growing question. A smart traffic system, networking, telematics. The road
network will change so that it will communicate with the car.

The Increase in Societal Requirements 

Environmental trends, political decisions, emission limits and regulatory requirements strongly control the automotive industry. Movement is controlled by regulators more strongly considering the different forms of moving, the role of the car as part of the system will change in the future.


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