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International VDI Conference - Automotive Apps
8–9 December 2015  ·  Frankfurt, Germany

Nowadays, consumers expect that their vehicles adhere to their requirements of high automotive standards as well as provide the comforts and services of Consumer Electronics. By facilitating the integration of apps into the vehicle and working towards the Connected Car, car makers respond to these demands.

However, various challenges have to be taken into account. How can, for example, apps be safely integrated into the vehicle without compromising their usability? How can the automotive industry address the issue of driver distraction? Which apps can be developed that not only directly benefit the end-user but simplify and improve back-end services?

The increasing use of apps in a vehicle also augments the amount of data which is being produced and transmitted. It is estimated that new cars produce up to 5GB sensor data per hour – and this volume of data will likely increase even more with new developments and trends. But who does this data belong to? What precautions have to be taken to protect data from unauthorized access? How can Big Data be analyzed and used to improve services?

This conference answers questions regarding the current state of automotive Apps and automotive Big Data, as well as discuss how the automotive industry can face challenges in these areas in the future.

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