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International Automotive and Transport Engineering Congress 2021
28–30 October 2021  ·  Chisnau, Replublic of Moldova

Title International Automotive and Transport Engineering Congress 2021 - AITS 2021
Dates 28-30 October 2021
Location Technical University of Chisnau, Republic of Moldova
Organised by SIAR

AITS 2021 is the annual international congress of Society of Automotive Engineers of Romania (SIAR) and will be hosted by the Technical University of Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

The aim of the Congress is to provide opportunities for the participants to:

  • gain their insights into the cutting edge automotive industry and ideas for future developments
  • update their skills and knowledge by attending focused technical sessions
  • network with potential new partners, clients and suppliers
  • view the latest technology, products and services in the technical exhibition 

The topics of congress:

  • Green Vehicles
  • Advanced Powertrain and Propulsion
  • Integrated Transport Systems
  • Automotive Design and Testing
  • Advanced Engineering Methods  
  • Road Safety
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Materials, Automotive Technology and Maintenance
  • Economics and Management in Transportation 

The Congress purpose is to gather members from academia, industry and government and present their possibilities for investigations/research, in order to establish new future collaborations in the automotive engineering and transport domain.

Also, the students will be invited to take part and learn more actual facts in their interest domain (free of charge).

A special workshop will be organized on the challenges of universities as providers of human resource for the industry (Automotive Engineering and Transport Education Workshop).

This workshop will include presentations on innovative ways to educate the automotive and transport engineers to better serve the purpose of the industry.

There will be several activities for students:

  • a dedicated conference session
  • a dedicated work-shop about "PEMS – Portable Emission Measurement Systems” organized with Romanian Automotive Register
  • the International Contest for Students in Automotive Engineering Professor Eng. Constantin GHIULAI with two sections: "Automotive Dynamics” (the 7th edition) and "Automotive Computer-Aided Design” (4th edition)

Technical visit to local industry and research organizations will be arranged to complement the congress program. The congress represents an invaluable opportunity for companies to present their products and services to high-level engineers and managers.

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