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American Automotive Summit 2019
16–17 September 2019  ·  Detroit, MI, United States

Title American Automotive Summit 2019
Dates 16-17 September 2019
Location MGM Grand Detroit, Detroit, United States
Organised by Generis Group

Join the discussion with over 150 industry peers as we delve into strategies to optimize manufacturing and R&D in the American automotive industry; drive innovation in a competitive landscape, maximize supplier relationships, mitigate costs, assess operational standards, identify growth opportunities and build quality throughout your system.

Hear first-hand case studies and walk away with strategic insights on how to enhance manufacturing strategies, implement supply chain optimization, new technologies and how to attract and retain top talent in an ever-changing market. This September we encourage you to join us for two days of thought-provoking content and exceptional networking at the American Automotive Summit.


  • Leveraging automation, robotics and digitization in manufacturing
  • Best practices for delivering manufacturing excellence
  • Developing world-class, agile and lean manufacturing strategies


  • P&L management for operational leaders
  • Balancing talent and technology in the plant
  • Supplier relationship management to optimize costs
  • Bridging the burgeoning skills gap


  • Problem-solving for quality leaders
  • Customer specific requirements
  • QMS implementation
  • Loss of experience management


  • Launching management techniques to improve speed-to-market
  • Leveraging product development as a driver for organizational growth
  • Shifting trends of alternative materials and their impact on the plant floor
  • Remaining agile as product lines cull and develop

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