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7th China International Automotive Powertrain Summit 2019
20–21 June 2019  ·  Beijing, China

Title 7th China International Automotive Powertrain Summit 2019
Dates 20 - 21 June 2019
Location Beijing, China
Organised by Borscon Group

The Conference

The implementation of Limits and Measurement Methods for Emissions from Light-duty Vehicles(China VI), the strictest emission standard ever, has demonstrated China’s utmost determination to carry out energy saving and emission reduction. Made in China 2025 has listed energy-saving and NEVs as one of the top development priorities by encouraging the projects and industrialization of core technologies including efficient internal combustion engine (ICE), advanced transmission, lightweight materials, intelligent control, power battery and drive motor. The introduction of policies such as average fuel consumption, double credit (CAFC/NEV) policy and RDE will drive automakers to upgrade traditional ICE technology and to explore new energy powertrain technology so as to comply with increasingly strict regulations.
Focused on China’s automobile powertrain market, the 7th China International Automobile Powertrain Summit 2019 will dig into the latest emission policies and regulations, the latest technologies and future trends of ICE and NEVs, as well as the general trend in China’s automobile powertrain market.

Main Topics

  • The latest interpretation of China’s automobile policies by MIIT
  • Guidance and planning for the implementation of China VI
  • Beijing’s future plan for environmental supervision
  • National planning for automobile gasoline supply in phase b of China VI
  • Latest technology and future development of EFI
  • High-performance gasoline engine turbocharging technology
  • Latest emission control technology for Gasoline Engine
  • Innovative fuel-saving transmission technologies
  • Latest powertrain technologies by Mercedes-Benz
  • Latest engine technologies by BMW
  • Core powertrain technologies by Audi
  • The eighth-generation Ecotec engine technologies by General Motors
  • VC-TURBO VCR turbocharging engine technologies by Nissan
  • Breakthrough and innovation in powertrain technologies by Toyota
  • SKYACTIV Technology by Mazda
  • Latest powertrain technologies by Honda
  • Hybrid powertrain development and vehicle integration
  • Latest EV technologies by BYD
  • The current status and future trends of FCV
  • Future trends in powertrain technologies

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