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2nd Autonomous Vehicle World Congress China 2019
5–6 September 2019  ·  Shanghai, China

Title 2nd Autonomous Vehicle World Congress China 2019
Dates 5-6 September 2019
Location Shanghai, China
Organised by UMS Institute

China has achieved a series of breakthroughs in sensor technology,AI oriented computer vision technology , voice recognition technology, path planning technology and V2X. But there still remains to be a lot of challenges and problems to be solved in the development of autonomous vehicles. 

With the theme of 'Perspective 2020, Embrace the Autonomous Vehicle Era', this event will focus and discuss on the current challenges and technical innovations including ADAS, safety issues, cyber security, commercialization scenarios, HMI, smart cockpit, V2X and specific challenges of road test in China. It is aiming to strengthen the networking among global and domestic autonomous driving technical leaders, experts, innovation leaders and start-ups, which also promote the innovation and upgrades of autonomous vehicle industry and explore the realization routine of large-scale commercialization of autonomous vehicles. 

We look forward to your participation in 2nd Autonomous Vehicle World Congress China 2019.

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