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20th International and 9th Americas Conference
20–23 September 2020  ·  Québec, Canada

Title 20th International and 9th Americals Conference 
Dates 20 - 23 September 2020
Location Canada
Organised by ISTVS


The 20th International Conference and 9th Americas Conference will provide you a place where you can exchange ideas and receive technical information on current and future research and technology developments in terramechanics and terrain/road-vehicle system dynamics, control, design, vetronics, autonomous vehicle systems and Industry 4.0. Commercial and personal transportation vehicle applications include:

  • Terramechanics, locomotion, and soil/terrain modeling
    • Recent accomplishments in terramechanics research and education
    • Locomotion systems
    • Soil and terrain modeling and characterization
  • Advances in mobility, energy efficiency, and ground vehicle dynamics
  • Agricultural, forestry, construction equipment, and machinery
  • Mobile robotics for ground applications, planetary exploration, and other environments
  • Design/control, sensing/actuation in cyber-physical systems for vehicle dynamics and mobility
  • Innovative system designs for terrain and road-vehicle applications

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