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2017 JUMV International Automotive Conference "Science & Motor Vehicles"
19–20 April 2017  ·  Belgrade, Serbia

Maintaining 50 years of tradition, JUMV will proudly host the next International Automotive Conference to be held in Belgrade, Serbia, on 19/20 April 2017.

The final conference programme is now available - click here to view.

Since 1967 when it was established, this Conference became the most
prominent international forums of Automotive Engineering in Serbia, Balkans and Central-Eastern Europe.

It promotes exchange of engineering and scientific knowledge and experience at the highest quality level between experts from different countries, and offers an open forum place for views, ideas, experiences and expertise of experts from highly developed and other European countries.

The 2017 conference will demonstrate continuity, tradition, and improved quality of 25 previously held such engineering professionals and experts gatherings. It is an opportunity for participants to assess the development, applied scientific and engineering results of experts in automotive engineering, with particular emphasis to improved safety, but also to enjoy life in Belgrade.

This Conference will provide unique opportunities for participants to establish new contacts, to exchange with other participants the results of their engineering activities, experience and expertise, and to learn more about the automotive and supply industry in Serbia and the West Balkans region. Serbia is an EU candidate country offering challenging opportunities to all those willing to extend their business to this part of Europe.

This two day Conference is designed to consists of Special Technical Sessions and Presentation Panels (in English language) in addition to dedicated Workshop(s) (to be held in Serbian language). Special Technical Sessions will be organized and / or chaired by highly ranked international moderators in presentation panels.

Social Programme will also be included.

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