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15th ISTVS European-African Regional Conference
8–11 September 2019  ·  Prague, Czech Republic

Title 15th ISTVS European-African Regional Conference
Dates 8 - 11 September 2019
Location Prague, Czech Republic
Organised by ISTVS

Our international conferences form an amazing legacy since our first meeting in 1962 in Turin, Italy — International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems (ISTVS) today is a connected group of collaborative professionals from industry, universities, and research institutions who have been meeting over five decades to share research findings.

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» Conference brochure (pdf)

The 15th ISTVS Europe-Africa Regional Conference will provide you a place where you can exchange ideas and receive technical information on current and future research and technology developments in terramechanics and terrain/road-vehicle system dynamics, control, design, vetronics, autonomous vehicle systems and Industry 4.0. Commercial and personal transportation vehicle applications include:

  • Trucks and cars
  • Military vehicles
  • Construction, forestry, and mining equipment
  • Farm tractors and machinery
  • Unmanned ground vehicles for military, space exploration
  • Development of vetronics systems for on ground vehicles
  • Autonomous driving systems


Hotel International Prague
Koulova 15, 16000
Praha 6 - Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 296 537 111
Fax: +420 296 537 266

For any questions, please contact the conference secretariat:
Markova Ekaterina,


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