FISITA started in 1948 with Automotive Engineering Societies meeting and deciding to form FISITA to provide international co-operation and knowledge sharing between the Societies. Over time, FISITA has grown to bring together the Engineering Societies and the leading mobility organisations as Corporate Members to encourage international knowledge sharing and collaboration, especially in pre-competitive areas – areas in which collaboration can occur to reduce redundant, non-differentiating effort without competitive concerns.

FISITA events provide the International Connected Community with valuable knowledge-sharing, audience reach and networking opportunities

FISITA events today include the flagship World Congress event held every two years and organised by one of the Society Members, the World Mobility Summit held annually and organised by Corporate Members supported by the Society local to the planned location, the world’s largest event dedicated to the braking industry EuroBrake, and regular online Technology Discussions. The Society and Corporate Members also form various committees and work on Technical Publications together in between the events – more can be found about these in the Organisation and Membership sections.