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31st SIAR International Automotive and Transport Engineering Congress

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The Society of Automotive Engineers of Romania - SIAR organizes in the autumn of 2021 the XXXI edition of the International Congress of Automotive and Transport Engineering with the main theme "Automotive and Integrated Transport Systems - AITS 2021".

Important topics addressed by the AITS 2021 Congress:

  • Green Vehicles
  • Advanced Powertrain and Propulsion
  • Integrated Transport Systems
  • Automotive Design and Testing
  • Advanced Engineering Methods
  • Road Safety
  • Mobility Sustainability
  • Materials, Automotive Technology and Maintenance
  • Economics and Management in Transportation

For the first time, the International Congress of SIAR "AITS 2021 - AUTOMOTIVE AND INTEGRATED TRANSPORT SYSTEMS" will host the Transport Department of the Faculty of Mechanical, Industrial and Transport Engineering of the Technical University of Moldova in Chisinau, one of the centers of excellence in research. applicable and fundamental in the field of automotive and road transport engineering, with a wide national and international recognition.

The assignment of the responsibility for organizing the annual international congress of SIAR of automotive and transport engineering of the SIAR Branch within the Technical University of Moldova in Chisinau was decided by the General Assembly of SIAR held at the University of Craiova on October 23, 2019. Within the same works, the General Assembly decided that the organization of the 2021 edition of the SIAR Congress be attributed to the SIAR branch within the Polytechnic University of Timișoara. Subsequently, following the health situation generated by the COVID 19 epidemic, the Board of Directors of SIAR decided to postpone the two congresses for one year, a decision confirmed by the SIAR General Assembly of December 17, 2020.

The congress will be accompanied by a set of events for Romanian and foreign specialists in the field of automotive and road transport engineering: exhibition of products specific to the automotive and automotive components industry, workshops, technical visits, annual general meeting of SIAR members, stage final of the International Student Engineering Competition „ Prof. univ. eng. Constantin GHIULAI ”with the two sections“ Vehicle dynamics - 7th edition ”(organized with the support of AVL Romania ) and“ Automotive CAD - CATIA - 4th edition ”(organized with the support of Magic Engineering Brașov ).

The active exchange of ideas, along with the mobility of researchers, characterizes today's society and is one of the engines of development in the field of automotive engineering. The participation in the congress of an important number of specialists from the academic, social and economic fields in the country and abroad will allow the creation of a favorable framework for substantially addressing important issues that concern contemporary society and are ongoing challenges.

The directions of interest proposed for the International Congress of SIAR - AITS 2021 will ensure an adequate scientific framework for intense and objective exchanges of ideas and debates, will reflect these concerns in the field of automotive engineering, being oriented on the following topics: advanced propulsion systems; road vehicles and the environment; modern transport and car traffic systems; ecological, autonomous, electric, hybrid vehicles; advanced engineering methods; materials and technologies.

We invite you to follow the SIAR website to be up to date with the evolution of AITS 2021 planning and organization!