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Established as a publishing company in 1948, ZENRIN is the No.1 mapping company in Japan, with 72 years of history in the mapping industry. The company’s most significant turning point was in 1984, when ZENRIN developed a mapping system to digitize its map databases. ZENRIN released the first digital map data for car navigation systems in the late-1980’s, which contributed to the spread and technological innovation of car navigation systems as well as creation of the market. In 2008, ZENRIN started R&D for developing maps for autonomous driving. In 2019, ZENRIN completed the development of high-definition 3D maps (HD map) for all highways in Japan by working together with Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd.

Detailed and precise map information is vital for social infrastructure. Being the leading mapping company, ZENRIN has been and will continue to contribute to the development of the automobile industry and the creation of a thriving mobility society.

In recent years, attentions are focused on utilizing autonomous driving technologies to solve social challenges such as preventing traffic accidents, mitigating driving stress, and improving transportation efficiencies. As autonomous driving and ADAS development accelerates in the automobile industry, ZENRIN is committed to provide solutions that integrate accurate and up-to-date location information.

ZENRIN is working on developing “ZENRIN Map Ecosystem,” an interactive information platform that can visualize incidents and changes in the real world. Basing ZENRIN’s nationwide residential maps and maps for car navigation, at the heart of the platform, this concept can be achieved by combining 1) 3D spatial database (HD-MAP) used to fuse sensor data and spatial information, and 2) probe information collected from various devices. ZENRIN is contributing to the social implementation of “CASE” by improving its geospatial information.

Global standardization of data model and interface is required when utilizing such geospatial information databases, and ZENRIN will play an active role in the promotion of industrial standardization.