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Yazaki Corporation

Yazaki Corporation


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Company profile:

YAZAKI Corporation is an independent automotive component maker founded in Japan in 1941, which is a global leader in the research, development and delivery of vehicle power and data solutions for automotive applications. We produce wiring harnesses, power distribution & control products, connectors, driver information systems, sensors and hybrid &electric vehicle products. We have 141 Affiliates in 45 countries with 235,554 employees as of June 2022, capable to provide our products and technologies to the customers all over the world. At the same time, we are able to acquire industrial trends and needs through responding to our customers, moreover we will continue to research future trends and pursue new possibilities so that we can flexibly offer the ideal solution to each customer.

Connect to the future:

YAZAKI is especially proud to be the world's largest manufacturer of wiring harnesses (W/H) which spread throughout the vehicle, supply power and convey data like power and communication data of society’s infrastructure.

In addition to W/H, YAZAKI is a global leader in display technologies of Human Machine Interface (HMI). We help the drivers become more connected with their vehicle with our innovative driver information products. Yazaki's instrument clusters, head-up displays and safety warning devices create a better informed and safer driving experience.

New generation vehicles, i.e. PHV, EV, FCV, Connected vehicles and Automated vehicles, require sound and advanced features which are being constantly improved. Intelligent electrical systems require highly developed standards and increase the complexity of the system within the vehicles, in addition to downsizing and weight reduction.

As a full service supplier, YAZAKI can provide complete Electrical and Electronic Distribution and Display Systems(EEDDS) solutions, supporting the OEM from initial concepts through design and development, global mass production all the way up to after sales-service parts.

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Yazaki Corporation:

Yazaki Europe Limited:

Yazaki North America, Inc.:

Mr. Masahiro Kanda

Mr. Masahiro Kanda

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16 July 2021


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The FISITA Japanese Autonomous HW and SW Technology Cluster issues its first Paper on the Challenges with enhancing the automated driving and assisted driving services of the future, in English and Japanese version.

For the first time in FISITA’s history we are very pleased to offer technical content to our membership community in different languages!

This Paper includes some fascinating insights into the challenges and opportunities of automated driving and assisted driving services, from a group of technologists comprising vehicle manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers, participating in the FISITA Autonomous HW & SW Technology Cluster in Japan.

This Paper summarises the results of the discussion which looked at the following:

  • The benefits that high-speed, high-capacity communication systems bring to autonomous driving / driving support functions.

  • Information and data analysis via the cloud that cannot be achieved by a car alone.

  • Utilizing the data captured by cars, to support driving, and improve daily life and contribute to solving social issues in the future.

Contributors: Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, AISIN Corporation, DENSO Corporation, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, Yazaki Corporation


The FISITA Industry Committee, consisting of senior representatives from the FISITA Corporate Membership, have identified key technology areas (see right for some of these areas) in which knowledge sharing and discussion can help highlight and potentially accelerate the adoption of new solutions by the mainstream automotive industry.

FISITA is creating dedicated Technology Clusters around each of these areas that determine their own scope, meeting cadence and target deliverables. Last year, an Autonomous Hardware & Software Technology Cluster was created in Japan, and the group have been working together, under the leadership of Toyota and NTT to produce this technical knowledge share, for the benefit of the international connected community of FISITA.

  • Autonomous Hardware and Software

  • Battery

  • Connectivity and 5G

  • Energy Infrastructure

  • Road Infrastructure

  • Insurance

  • Integration with Cities

  • Mapping

  • Model Based Development

  • Security and Risk

  • Shared Mobility

FISITA Output Paper



Challenges with enhancing the automated driving and assisted driving services of the future (English), FOP2022-02-01, FISITA Output Paper

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