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The TRW brand is part of ZF Aftermarket, leader in the world for Original Manufacturer [OE] quality automotive safety products. Our TRW Braking systems, Steering and Suspension parts, Commercial Vehicle components and Service Tools are legendary for their engineering quality and innovative design. They are also famously well tested, in-house and independently.

World class and global

ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. The company has a global workforce of 146,000 with approximately 230 locations in some 40 countries. In 2017, ZF achieved sales of €36.4 billion and as such, is one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide.

ZF enables vehicles to see, think and act. The company invests more than six percent of its sales in research and development annually – in particular for the development of efficient and electric drivelines and also in striving for a world without accidents. With its broad portfolio, ZF is advancing mobility and services for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology applications.

Our core values

The TRW brand is built on a century of pioneering product development, and a dedication to quality. Underpinning what we do are three core values.

Energy keeps us innovative, inventive and 100% focused on customers. That’s why we create single box solutions and engineer our products for simple, safe fitment.

Excellence means putting the same dedication and attention to detail into our relationships with customers that we do into our diverse product range.  

Empathy is all-important. Our close understanding of your needs means that we’re perfectly placed to create the right parts, fitting kits, services and technology. TRW solutions save you time and money, inspire customers and function perfectly for longer.




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18 Mar 2021

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Paper + Video

Mr. Toni Feißel, TU Ilmenau, GERMANY; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Augsburg, TU Ilmenau, GERMANY


Research and/or Engineering Question/Objective:
The fine dust contribution (<10µm) of motor vehicles represents a considerable health risk for people in urban areas. Due to an increasing percentage of electric vehicles, exhaust emissions are steadily reduced. Consequently, particles from non-exhaust sources (brake, tire and road ware) are considered to be the future main vehicle related pollutant. While regenerative braking, tungsten carbide coatings and filter devices can effectively reduce brake wear emissions, there is currently no methodology available in order to reduce tire wear particles, road abrasion and resuspension. In addition, the tire is one of the main sources of environmental micropla