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Tribotecc GmbH is the global market and technology leader of high-performance metal sulfide solutions for the friction industry. The tribological properties of metal sulfide systems with regard to chemical structure, polarity, lubricating ability and thermal behavior are essential for the functioning and performance enhancement of friction products and help to extend the lifetime of components in motion.

Sulfides of various metals have proven to be the most versatile and most effective additives for stabilizing the coefficient of friction at high level, prevent brake fading, reduce pad and disc wear and increase comfort by less noise and vibrations. A new generation of antimony free, environmental friendly synthetic materials from Tribotecc is suitable for use as copper replacement in brake pads.

With our slogan more than performance we guarantee:

  • The best quality under the toughest stresses

  • Innovative products

  • Fulfillment of all safety and environmental standards

  • Customer satisfaction