Teikyo University

Teikyo University




Teikyo University was founded in 1966

Starting with faculties of Economics and Liberal Arts, Teikyo University has been developing as a solid comprehensive university, offering a wide range of additional programs including School of Medicine.

Teikyo University is a place:

  • To learn and study

  • To practice on the leading edge of team-based medical care

  • To participate in sports and cultural activities

We offer an environment that encourages students to challenge and improve their ability.

The integration of practical learning, international perspectives and open mindedness is the backbone of our educational structure. Building on this, we value and support the efforts of each student and strive to help them develop strengths and qualities that will enable them to carve out their own future.

Developing human resources who have "their way," and who can think and act to demonstrate their own individualities. The university where students discover, nurture and challenge their own talent.

We are Teikyo University.




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