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We’re building the technology to help institutions and new mobility companies deploy autonomous technology, safely, at a low cost, and at scale.

Headquartered in Oxford, UK, StreetDrone is a unique autonomous vehicle business working with our clients to bring new autonomous technology and new autonomous businesses into the world. We were the first company on the planet to offer subscription-based autonomous driving software, and the first in Europe to run an open-source self-driving vehicle on the road. We are passionate about our business, our clients and the benefits to society that autonomy can bring.

We continue to develop technology that lowers the cost of autonomy in order to make it faster and safer for our customers to deploy autonomous vehicles at scale.

We believe in an open and collaborative approach to technology development, and founded the open-source Project Aslan in 2020 by donating all of our self-driving development assets.  The company’s full service capability enable organisations aiming to revolutionise future mobility to learn quickly and scale the roll-out of autonomous vehicles.