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Sterling Fibers

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Sterling Fibers is an ISO 9001 certified USA based company serving the friction material industry since 1988.  Sterling Fibers offers a variety of acrylic based fibers and pulps for the friction material industry:
- Sterling’s flagship product, CFF V110 pulp, provides preforming ability equal to aramid at a much lower price.  
- Sterling’s CPF 200 series products offer lower cost alternatives to CFF V110.  
- Sterling’s CFF 100 series pulps are utilized in wet mixing processes such as friction papers.
- Sterling’s CPF 400 series technology allows short cut fibers, such as acrylic and melamine, to be dry mixed without balling thereby improving fracture toughness.  
- Sterling’s CTF products are short cut staple products used for fracture toughness and crack resistance in products such as roll linings.