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Showa Denko Carbon, Inc.

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Showa Denko Carbon, Inc. is a member of the Carbon Division of Showa Denko K. K., a global company using aluminum, inorganic and organic chemical technologies to provide industrial and consumer products for energy, automotive, information/telecommunication, and environmental applications. The Carbon Division manufactures graphite electrodes for electric steelmaking and graphite particles for vehicle (friction) and industrial applications.

In 2017, the Carbon division acquired SGL Carbon GE, making Showa Denko Carbon, Inc. the world’s largest producer of graphite electrodes. This includes production facilities in the U.S., Japan, Germany, Spain, Austria, Malaysia and China with a combined capacity of 250,000 MT/y.

Showa Denko Carbon, Inc. in the U.S. (South Carolina) is the only manufacturing facility in the Carbon division that specializes in the production of artificial graphite particles for high performance friction materials used in OE, OES and aftermarket vehicle applications. The use of high-quality raw materials, high temperature production processes, and a certified quality system results in Showa Denko Carbon providing artificial graphite particles with consistent and reliable material properties to our customers each and every time.