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Sangsin Brake

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Since Sangsin ENG was established in 1991, Sangsin ENG has been producing and developing for production and test machinery specialized on brake pad and shoe. Sangsin ENG uses its own technology to produce and develop for production and test machine.

In case of production machine, we have Weighing & Mixing, B/plate Spray Pre-Treatment, Forming, Heat Treatment, Grinding and Pad Accessory Assembly Machine under our product list. In case of test machine, we have Dynamometer for passenger and commercial vehicles, Model Tester (Scale Dynamometer), Compression Ratio Tester etc.

As Sangsin ENG is an affiliated company of Sangsin Brake, Sangsin ENG supplies our production and test machine to Sangsin Brake’s domestic and international factory in Korea, China, India, U.S.A, and Mexico. Additionally, Sangsin ENG supplies production and test machines all over the world such as China, Japan, India etc. Our main international customers are Shandong Gold Phoenix, Winhere in China, Japan Brake and TBK in Japan, and Brake India in India.

Sangsin ENG is trying the best to give satisfaction to the customers by utilizing accumulated experience and knowledge in brake system field.