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Rugao Hydrogen Energy Town Investment and Development Company Ltd

Rugao Hydrogen Energy Town Investment and Development Company Ltd




Rugao Hydrogen Energy Town Investment and Development Company Ltd. was established on December 17, 2014,with a registered capital of RMB 1 billion. It is a state-owned joint venture company invested by Rugao Economic and Trade Development Corporation and Rugao Economic and Technological Development Zone Investment Development Co., Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in the investment, construction and operation of the Hydrogen Energy Town,specializing in the research and industrialization of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The hydrogen fuel cell membrane electrode invested and developed by the company has the advantages of long service life, high catalyst utilization rate, low precious metal dosage and high energy density, which greatly reduces the cost of the core components in the hydrogen fuel cell system. Now, it is used on a variety of vehicles such as cars, buses and logistics vehicles developed by Rugao Youngman Automobile Co., Ltd., Nantong Yukai Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Jiangsu GreenWheel EV Co., Ltd. The wide spread use of the products in the market will change the current state of the fuel cell that is too expensive to be widely marketed.

The company has more than 100 employees, including 21 technical talents and 13 managers. The company operates according to the market-oriented mechanism and strictly controls product quality. The company has introduced dozens of internationally advanced R&D, production and testing equipment, including Greenlight 500/100 inspection system, high and low temperature operation laboratory, image testing machine and CNC machining center. The factory is equipped with digital assembly lines to ensure the consistency of the fuel cell stacks. The company has 27 sets of fully self-developed, internationally advanced test systems that make reactor activation and system testing more convenient, faster and more accurate.

Rugao Hydrogen Energy Town Investment and Development Company Ltd. is a dynamic business working at the frontiers of new technology, business development, and new energy industries, and focus on operating large-scale profitable businesses and commercializing our innovative technologies. We has a long history of keeping people moving on the road and addressing the issue of growing CO₂emissions from transport fuels, offering increasingly cleaner energy to customers and identifying new growth opportunities in the clean energy sector.Our mission is to significantly reduce the cost of fuel cell systems, reduce power generation costs, increase power generation efficiency, popularize hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, create a low-pollution Hydrogen Energy Town, and promote it nationwide through the industrialization of the latest research results.

Mr. Zhang Weiwei

Mr. Zhang Weiwei

General Manager



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