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RENK Test System

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   Your reliable partner for test rig solutions.

   RENK Test System GmbH (RTS) is one of the world's leading  
   providers of customized test systems used in development,
   production, and quality assurance. Based on its many years of
   experience, RTS develops innovative test rigs for nearly every
   area of application in drive technology.
   Due to the steadily increasing demands that are being placed  
   on driving comfort, safety, and speed in the field of railway  
   technology, the requirements placed on the development of
   future transport solutions are becoming more complex all the
   time. Railway transport is playing an increasingly important
   role based on the growing demand for environmentally friendly
   modes of transport. This calls for the use of cutting-edge test  
   system technology and reliable partners.
   Our expertise extends from targeted consultation, concept
   creation and validation, development, and production up to the
   commissioning of the systems at the customer's location, with
   subsequent training of the operating personnel. The entire  
   product range is completed by needs-oriented service, and  
   regular maintenance.