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The best production measuring technology for more than 90 years

HAFNER is a family-run independent company and a leading specialist for customer specific solutions in the area of demanding production measuring technology. Our core competence is the measurement of the dimensions of closely toleranced workpieces for the following categories:
- Constant velocity joints
- Transmission parts
- Axle/steering parts
- Engine parts
- Wheels/rims
- Brake discs/drums

We have been involved in production measuring technology since 1928.

Our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of highly precise components and fixtures continues to form the basis for the manufacture of very accurate, extremely robust measuring machines. Our product range starts with manual measuring stations and includes fully automated measuring machines. We are experts when it comes to tactile, pneumatic and optical measuring technology as we are with the inspection of hardness, cracks and surfaces. Weighing, marking and sorting are also elements of our complete system.