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Yanan Zhang, Director of Intelligent Connected Vehicle Department, China Automotive Technology & Research Center

Abstarct: At present, the number of connected vehicles in the market is gradually increasing, and key technologies for the Internet of Vehicles continue to make breakthroughs. The Internet of Vehicles has entered a critical period of application demonstration and scale development. As a third-party organization in China's automotive industry, the China Automotive Center is deeply involved in the formulation of WP29 regulations, ISO SAE 21434 and other international standards and regulations, and at the same time, it is also developing China's automotive information security national standards. 

This presentation brings about the “four steps” of the Internet of Vehicles security assurance based on the national regulatory and governance experience and the current status of Chinese Internet of Vehicles safety development, which involves the management system, product technology, link security, and situational awareness of the four dimensions of the Internet of Vehicles proposed by the China Automobile Center.

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FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference 2021 hosted by China SAE

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Director of Intelligent Connected Vehicle Department

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Yanan Zhang

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16 July 2021

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16 July 2021