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Si-bok Yu, Ph.D., is an executive principal researcher of Driving Control Technology Department in Korea Automotive Technology Institute(KATECH).

His is currently focusing on the cooperative automated vehicle research. The research includes the longitudinal and lateral control of the automated vehicle based on the wireless communication with the road infrastructure. He has worked and currently working in more than 20 research projects in automated vehicle and ADAS area.

He has been working in KATECH since 2003. He has been working in ISO TC204 WG14 ‘Vehicle Active Control & Warning Systems’ since 2006, and he is now the Korean representative of the WG. He was the project leader for ISO 11067 ‘CSWS (Curve Speed Warning Systems), and ISO 20901 ‘EEBL (Emergency Electronic Brake Light Systems),’and he is now the project leader for ISO/PWI 23793-2 MRM(Minimal Risk Maneuvour for Road Shoulder Stop).

Republic of Korea

Executive Principal Researcher, Driving Control Technology Department, Autonomous Driving Technology Research Division


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Sibok Yu

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