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Sharon Rosenberg is a Fellow at Foretellix and an accomplished computer science professional. He earned his B.A. in computer science from Bar-Ilan University and began his career with Verisity Design in 1996, where he pioneered the automation of hardware testbenches. In 2005, Sharon joined Cadence as part of Verisity acquisition, where he led the development of industry-standard languages and validation libraries, including UVM and PSS. His book, A Practical Guide to Adopting the Universal Verification Methodology, became a best-seller and is widely respected in the field.

Currently, Sharon is the solution architect and chief methodologies at Foretellix, where he works on advanced ADAS and AV V&V projects. Sharon has played a prominent role in defining the ASAM OpenScenario2.0 standard, leading the "coverage and success criteria" and "usage-and-pragmatics" sub-groups. Sharon brings a wealth of engineering experience to his work at Foretellix and is committed to developing innovative solutions for the industry's most pressing challenges.

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Mr. Sharon Rosenberg

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