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Dr. Eng. Samuel Awe, Automotive Components Floby AB, SWEDEN

Mr. Adam Thomas, Automotive Components Floby AB, SWEDEN

In the recent years, the automotive industry has been under constant pressure to reduce the vehicle's weight, minimize particulate matter emissions as well as improve corrosion resistance. For instance, several concerted efforts are being put together by the stakeholders to source for alternative brake disc materials that can fulfil these requirements better than the regular grey cast iron. However, this communication discusses some of the developing demands that the current and future automobile disc brake must meet. The paper also highlights some of the characteristics and prospects of lightweight aluminium matrix composite (SICAlight) rotor as a potential alternative to the traditional grey cast iron brake discs

EuroBrake 2021




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Dr Samuel Awe works as a Senior Metallurgical Engineer and Research Manager at Automotive Components Floby, Sweden. He is responsible for the development of aluminium brake discs - material development and characterisation, process development and coordination of innovation and research projects.

He was awarded a prestigious "IAAM Scientist medal 2016" by the International Association of Advanced Materials in 2016. His current research focuses on designing and developing lightweight aluminium alloys and composites for automotive applications. Specifically, his interest revolves around designing and developing eco-friendly and sustainable materials for automotive brake discs.


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Dr. Eng. Samuel Awe

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