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Mike Anderson is vice president of Global Electrification & Battery Systems (GEBS). In this role, he and his team are responsible for advanced engineering, design release, development, integration and industrialization strategy of GM’s electrification and battery technologies.

He has held numerous positions during his 32 years at GM, including executive director of global virtual design, development & validation, executive director of global transmission & electrification hardware, executive director of global engine hardware, global chief engineer, and program manager of four-cylinder gas engines, and director of engine development & validation.

Anderson earned his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University, and a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan. He holds a patent on a methodology for determining the instantaneous optimum valve lift of variable lift valve actuation systems, and has published papers on the Miller Cycle, lean stratified direct injection, and continuously variable transmissions.

He has also been an instructor in the SAE Spark Ignition Engine Technology Engineering Academy, and at the University of Michigan in the Integrated Vehicle System Design class. Additionally, he is a past recipient of the SAE Max Bentele Award for Engine Technology Innovation, and the William Mirsky Memorial Award for outstanding graduate-level research work at the University of Michigan.

Anderson is also a member of the Exascale Computing Project Industry & Agency Council, which is a collection of key industry organizations and government agencies working together to advance the high-performance computing technology awareness and capabilities on the road to exascale.

United States

Vice President, Global Electrification and Battery Systems

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Mr. Mike Anderson

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