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Masato Hashimoto joined Toyota Motor Corporation in 1986, during this time Hashimoto worked on semiconductor development for in-vehicle ICs, MEMS yaw rate sensors, power devices, etc.; the development of power electronics for HV control ECU and the development of chassis electronics such as electric power steering and electric control brakes.

In 2011 Hashimoto was seconded to the Toyota Information Technology Center where he was involved in the investigation and research of in-vehicle IT technology in Silicon Valley and Japan.

In 2015 Hashimoto worked in Toyota's Electronic Platform Development department and focused on E / E Architecture Development Div. of E / E architecture, in-vehicle Network / Security, power supply, etc.

In 2020 Hashimoto was seconded to MIRISE Technologies as a Member of the Board of Directors where he is currently involved in the planning and research of automotive semiconductors

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Mr. Masato Hashimoto

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16 July 2021

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16 July 2021

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