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Mr. Zhang Jinhua is the Executive Vice President & Secretary General of the China Society of Automotive Engineers (China SAE). Since 2006 he’s also acted as Deputy Director of Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Key Project under the National 863 Program. He previously held the positions of Director’s Assistant, Deputy Director, and Chief Director at Automotive Technology Intelligence Research Institute, China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC). 

The research areas include government policy, strategy and development plan of the automotive industry, and strategic design of China’s New Energy Vehicle development. He has conducted dozens of national-level automotive research projects, including:

  • Technological innovation system studies of China's automotive industry;

  • Platform development of powertrain systems of next generation high-performance battery electric passenger cars; 

  • Demonstration and deployment of energy-saving and new energy vehicles, and related subsidy policy studies and development;

  • Policy study for technology development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles;

  • Research on development strategy of electric vehicle industry; and 

  • Research and development of Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Development Plan (2012-2020).


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Mr. Jinhua Zhang

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