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After a general Engineer cursus specialize in Mathematics and Systems analysis, Eric Daubourg decide to enlarge his competence in this domain with a PhD in a medical application to characterize the Heart injury criteria based on mathematical models and experimental data correlation.

His career began in Civil Engineering with management of large project in Asia and Africa followed by the mission to implement and deploy a CAD/CAE system in IT Division.

This latest experience creates a real passion for High tech sectors applied to solve Industrial problem and he decide to switch his initial career to join a major US company leader in CAD PDM business.

After 1993 economical breakthrough especially with Hardware Industry transformation, Eric Daubourg decide to join ESI Group with the mission to develop and growth French Market especially focus on large accounts. He becomes in 2001 the General Manager of ESI France after the first Corporate contract signed between ESI and RENAULT.

In 2015, Eric Daubourg has been promoted RENAULT NISSAN MITSUBISHI Alliance Global Account Manager in charge of Corporate contract management between RENAULT NISSAN alliance and ESI Group.


Previously Managing Director

ESI France

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Mr. Eric Daubourg

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