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He has been working for Hyundai for 28 years. At first he started his career as a brake test engineer.

He was responsible for all brake-related vehicle tests, including braking performance, NVH, and certification tests.

Since 2009, he had been in charge of developing regenerative braking cooperative control and electronically controlled brake system while developing the hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles.

From 2018, he had worked as a head of the driving performance development team. At that time he developed braking/driving/handling characteristics and performances under marginal driving condition with EBS and motor control.

He then oversaw the development of brake systems and marginal driving characteristics for all Hyundai models as a head of the brake system development group for about four years.

Now he is working as a head of chassis system engineering design group for mid-large size vehicles.

He is responsible for the development of all chassis systems, including suspension, steering, brake, tires and so on for mid-large size vehicles.

Republic of Korea

Vice President
Head of Mid-Large size Vehicle Chassis Engineering Design Group

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Donghoon Kang

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