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Mr. Tony Van Litsenborgh, Advanced Braking Technology Ltd, AUSTRALIA

Mr. David Newcomb, Advanced Braking Technology Ltd, AUSTRALIA


Terra Dura™ – 100% Sealed Dry Disc Brakes; helping to create a sustainable braking future


Advanced Braking Technology has developed an innovative 100% Sealed Dry Disc brake. Its current application is for use on off-highway vehicles where the extreme operating conditions have a detrimental impact on braking performance. Advanced Braking Technology believes that this technology can be applied to both on-highway and off-highway applications.

Key Words:

- Sustainability

- Innovation

- Emissions

- Health

- Safety


Advanced Braking Technology’s Terra Dura™ braking system has been designed to protect brakes by solving the following problems encountered in mainly off-highway applications:

1. The enclosed and fully sealed brake ensures that the working parts of the braking mechanism are protected from any external contaminants, preventing premature brake failure when applying the service brakes.

2. This sealed brake solution prevents the buildup of debris around the brakes, which reduces the risk of a vehicle roll-away onsite when applying the park brake.

3. Due to the internal components being protected by the sealed enclosure the service life of the brakes is greatly increased, improving the productivity of the vehicles as well as reducing both downtime and running costs.

4. The Terra Dura™ brake provides a more cost effective and lightweight alternative to conventional sealed wet brake systems.

5. The Terra Dura™ brake uses multiple sealing solutions to prevent external debris from entering and contaminating the internal parts of the braking system. Likewise, the internal braking components and the friction braking material produced when braking, is isolated from the exterior space, preventing brake dust emissions being released to atmosphere, effectively capturing 100% of all brake dust particulates inside the sealed cover.

The Terra Dura™ is currently patent pending in multiple countries and is being used on multiple mine sites across Australia and New Zealand.

Terra Dura™ solves a number of problems encountered by traditional braking systems, in particular those that relate to:

- Safety of people and equipment in extreme operating conditions;

- Sustainability and the impact on the environment; and

- Cost of downtime and maintenance costs.

Currently Advanced Braking Technology is developing this concept further to provide solutions for broader on-highway and off-highway applications, and there will be more details made public with regards to this over the coming months.

Key topics:

The Terra Dura™ brake concept covers a number of topics that are to be discussed at EuroBrake 2020. Of particular relevance are the following topics of interest:

- Braking for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles;

- Safety relevant braking functions;

- Sustainability in Brake Systems;

- Brake Emission findings and available countermeasures;

- Wear and Emissions;

- Governmental Regulation and Homologation of Brake Systems; and

- Disc, Drum, Wheel Materials, Coatings and Design.

Advanced Braking Technology looks forward to having the opportunity to present its innovative Terra Dura™ braking solution to EuroBrake 2020, and to outline how we believe that Terra Dura™ can assist in helping to create a sustainable braking future.

EuroBrake 2021





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Anthony has been with Advanced Braking Technology as their Engineering Manager for the past two years. During this time, ABT’s innovative engineering team has successfully provided braking solutions for the mining and construction industry, defence industry, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and the transport industry.

Anthony spent 14 years working in the South African automotive component industry where he held the position of Technical Manager with Dorbyl Automotive Systems which included being responsible for product and process development and implementation as well as overall management of the design office. This position gave Mr van Litsenborgh direct exposure to working on projects in the global automotive industry with original equipment manufacturers and component manufactures around the world, which included Volkswagen, General Motors, Daimler Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Toyota, Ford, Mazda, and Nissan.

More recently Mr van Litsensborgh has held the positions of Industrial Engineering Manager with Bell Equipment, Engineering and Operations Manager with Howard Porter and Operations Manager with G&G Mining Fabrication where he provided product solutions for the mining, road transport and heavy earth moving industries.

Mr van Litsenborgh has formal qualifications in Industrial Design and is recognised by Engineers Australia as a qualified Engineering Manager. In addition, he holds formal qualifications in both Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Black Belt.


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