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OROVEL Ltd is a consultancy company providing technology analysis, business development support and marketing advice for Automotive Technologies and Industry.

We understand Technologies, R&D and innovative products and present them on LinkedIn to Automotive professionals at car manufacturers, Vehicle and PowerTrain develoopment Labs, Tiers Suppliers, Universities involved in Automotive and Research Centers.

OROVEL is a gateway towards sources of information on Vehicle Technologies, Automotive Industry and more generally Automotive Business. It gives insights and analyses on Automotive Technologies would they be classical Combustion Engines, Electric Vehicles or Fuel Cells.

Today, they are a lot of information publicly available on Automotive Technologies but usually they are very well hidden or difficult to interpret because outside of their context. OROVEL wants to become a central platform where you can find your way towards knowledge and technical understanding on vehicle development.

OROVEL does not aim at duplicating information that already exist but rather at proposing information in a more digest and simple way.

Thanks unique knowledge and network, OROVEL proposes original insights and analyses over new Automotive developments and research projects and products.

OROVEL offers unique consulting services around Automotive including technology review, business development advise but also support your communication strategy on Social Media for B2B digial marketing.




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Q&A from “Unleashing the benefits of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) testing and simulation”

Dr Hajar Moussanif of Cadi Ayyad University provides additional responses to questions about autonomous vehicle testing and simulation

12 Aug 2021

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Testing vs Simulation: what is required as the development of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) progresses and moves away from human drivers?

21 Jun 2021

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This presentation and panel discussion explore how a strong link between testing and simulation is required as the development of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) progresses and moves away from human drivers.

Hajar Mousannif, of Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco set the scene with a presentation entitled Real-time road crash prediction and AI-based driving behaviour analysis

The panel, moderated by Ouafae El Ganaoui Mourlan, FISITA DVP Education and Chair on Electric, Connected, and Autonomous Vehicle for Smart Mobility at IFP School consisted of:

  • Nadine Leclair, FISITA President
  • Cecile Pera, Founder and Director of OROVEL Ltd
  • Patricia Villoslada, CEO Transdev Autonomous Transport Systems

The panel considered how unifying the results obtained from testing and simulation will facilitate the development of future powertrains by quickly delivering efficient engines. Thus, enabling car manufacturers to virtually test new designs in different scenarios, to see how they will affect driving emissions, avoiding the need for parts design and physical testing.

This event was held in support of INWED 2021 (International Women in Engineering Day) organised by FISITA Strategic Partner WES (Women Engineering Society)