Nihon Parkerizing / Parker Trutec Group

Nihon Parkerizing / Parker Trutec Group

United States


Nihon Parkerizing is the world’s leading company for surface modification technologies including heat treatment, rust prevention, chemicals and equipment. Parker Trutec is the North American subsidiary of Nihon Parkerizing and is located in the United States and Mexico. Nihon Parkerizing and Parker Trutec provide various heat treatments including the ISONITE® salt bath nitriding process which improves wear, corrosion and adhesion properties on 72 million brake pad backing plates annually. Offerings also include Zinc/Iron phosphating processes and solid lubricant (PTFE/Moly) coatings for brake components. Nihon Parkerizing produces comprehensive capabilities with strong ties among the global networks centered in Japan to group companies among Asia, North America, Central America and Europe.




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16 July 2021


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