Promoting excellence in mobility engineering


Corporate Representative

Mr. Tetsuo Agata


In January 2006, Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd. and Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd. merged to form JTEKT Corporation, a functional parts maker unparalleled in the world thanks to its solid foundation of Japanese "monozukuri" manufacturing technology cultivated through long years of experience in bearing and machine tool manufacturing along with extensive knowledge in the fields of steering, driveline components, etc.

Business Fields

  • Steering Systems
    In addition to improving the output, feeling, quietness, and cost of electric power steering and other steering types, JTEKT has devoted itself to developing weight reduction technology in order to contribute to environmental protection with the aim of being the steering system supplier with the world's no.1 degree of environmental contribution.

  • Bearings
    With the aim of being the world's no.1 automotive bearing supplier, JTEKT strives to grasp automakers' diverse needs at an early stage and develop bearings to meet them as well as to optimally combine its bearing and driveline unit technology.

  • Driveline Components
    JTEKT provides Torsens, 4WD couplings and other driveline products excelling in safety, quietness, lightness and fuel efficiency with the aim of being the world's no.1 driveline system supplier.

  • Machine Tools & Mechatronics
    JTEKT, by taking advantage of its possessing steering, bearing and driveline component divisions, aims to lead the machine tool industry in quality and technology, contribute to customers' "monozukuri innovation," and be the machine tool system supplier with the world's no.1 technology.

JTEKT seeks to contribute to the happiness of people and the abundance of society through R&D, manufacturing, and sales activities that win the trust of society. Regarding product development, JTEKT's mission is to supply environmentally friendly products excelling in fuel efficiency and efficiency and provide society with inspiration through products that are safe, reliable and pleasurable. By fully utilizing its product and manufacturing technology capabilities, JTEKT aims to provide the best in quality, technology and service based on concepts derived from the market, obtain the satisfaction and trust of customers, and fulfill its mission of contributing to environmental protection.