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IMS, Inc.  manufactures and sells specialized ultrasonic-based instrumentation. Applications include elastic property measurements, process control, and ultrasonic thermometry.  Of particular interest to the friction material community, is the ETEK 3000 used to measure elastic constants of new friction material formulations (SAE J2725).  Results are used as input for simulations directed at reducing noise and vibration. In addition to ETEK 3000 manufacture and sale, our applications laboratory provides testing services for composite elastic properties.

The iETEK (SAE J3175) and the RiETEK, Rapid, non-destructive ultrasonic modular system use the same ultrasonic technology as the ETEK, but measure Dynamic modulus and Signal Loss on as-manufactured brake pads non-destructively. The iETEK in QC laboratory environments and the RiETEK in a production line environment. Multiple positions per pad can be measured simultaneously. Results provide information on spatial uniformity and batch-to-batch consistency. No sample preparation is required, and most sizes/shapes of pads can be measured.