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Thanks to almost 25 years of experience in the friction industry, IMF ENGINEERING design completely automatic painting systems, consisting of: painting booth in stainless steel or in antistatic PVC, infrared or convection oven, both electric and gas, cooling systems. All elements are connected to each other in a few meters. The loading and unloading systems can be both robotic and manual, according to the customer’s needs.

The painting booth is specifically designed for the brake pads which, together with the electrostatic powder coating equipment applied, allows to obtain a thinner and complete pad cover. We use and manage the most advanced powder coating application technologies, based on the electrostatic applications known as CORONA and TRIBO. Our curing ovens increase the adhesion to the metal support and its resistance to corrosion according to the strictest specifications of the OEM sector.

In the range of products offered to the friction industry, the heat treatment furnaces for the stabilization of the friction of the brake pads play an extremely important role. The safety of a good braking system comes from a performing heat treatment of the friction material, that is from its baking in the oven with well-defined and respected cycles, both in term of time and temperatures.

The ovens can be of the continuous type, with robotized loading and unloading, with fast short or longtime curing, mainly indicated for high production and specific for the OE. We also produce chamber ovens, developed over the years for the thermal treatments of the brake pads, best known and used in the After Market, with very long baking cycles and a lower production volume.