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FISITA is the international federation that brings together the global automotive mobility sector to share ideas and advance automotive technological development. Founded in 1948, we are uniquely placed to promote excellence and support the development of safe, sustainable and affordable mobility solutions.

FISITA enables automotive engineering societies and corporate organisations to connect with each other, network, share technological advancements and collaborate. Since creation, FISITA has seen significant growth in influence and relevance and today our network of Society Members and Corporate Members reaches over 210,000 engineers in 36 countries, placing us at the heart of the industry.

FISITA facilitates dialogue between engineers and industry, governments, academia, and environmental and standards organisations, across all areas of automotive technology.

We are proud to be contributing at the forefront of education and learning through our Education Committee and other academic initiatives. As part of this strategic engagement, we support the professional development of engineers, while providing resources and opportunities for students and young engineers breaking into the profession. Through our various education initiatives, FISITA promotes the automotive mobility sector as a career pathway of choice and supports engineers throughout their career journey.

In addition to EuroBrake, FISITA organises the FISITA World Mobility Summit – an exclusive annual meeting of industry leaders, and the FISITA World Congress - a forum for industry experts, engineers and executives to exchange ideas and discuss the trends that drive the automotive industry forward.