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Dekati Ltd. is a world leader in designing and manufacturing innovative fine particle measurement solutions. We have over 25 years of experience in providing measurement instruments and complete measurement solutions to a wide variety of environments and sample conditions. We take pride in the quality and robustness of our products and are committed to finding the best possible solution for your aerosol measurement needs. Our experience and expertise in aerosol measurement applications is at your disposal throughout the lifecycle of your investment via our global partner network. All Dekati® Products are developed and manufactured in Finland and are available with up to five-year warranty.

Our brake emission measurement solutions include both particle detection and dilution systems, and today we have solutions for both for research and routine monitoring of brake emissions from 6 nm up to 10 µm. The highlights of our product line include the ELPI®+ product family that enables real-time measurement of particle size distribution in up to 500 size channels 6 nm-10 µm. ELPI®+ products also always include the option for post-measurement chemical analysis of the size classified, collected samples. The High Temperature version of the ELPI®+ additionally allows direct measurement of up to 180 °C aerosol sample without the need to cool the sample. In addition to the ELPI®+ instruments, Dekati® Product Line includes several other instruments for both particle detection and aerosol sample conditioning and dilution. Visit us in the exhibition area to learn more about Dekati® Measurement Solutions for brake wear emission measurements!