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Founded in 1963, COMEC specializes in the design and manufacturing of grinding machines for special applications. In the last 30 years, COMEC focused especially on developing Grinding & Pressing Technologies for the Friction Material Industry.

Because of the excellent technological solutions, developed through both internal research & development and working side by side with its customers, COMEC is a top leading supplier worldwide of grinding machines for friction materials.

Over the last 30 years, COMEC has supplied several grinders and presses to the facilities of the international friction manufacturers worldwide.

COMEC is also a supplier of presses from friction material products, with a wide range of solutions from fully-manual to fully-automatic, according to the specific needs of the customers.

We are continuously improving the design of our machines to study and propose to the friction market state-of-the-art grinding and pressing solutions for the disc brake pads, truck linings and brakes shoes production.

COMEC is located about 60 km South East of Milan, in northern Italy, within 45 to 90 minutes drive from the Milan airports.