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CLEPA - European Association of Automotive Suppliers

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CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, is the voice of European automotive suppliers, representing over 3,000 companies which employ 5,000,000 employees, invest over €20 billion yearly in R&I and provide solutions for safe, smart and sustainable mobility.

Research and Innovation - The European automotive supply industry is a global technology leader, largely due to its yearly investment of more than €20 billion in innovation. For years, European automotive suppliers have registered the most patents for innovations in emissions and safety by bringing to the market an increasing diversity of products, with ever shorter development and production cycles. Automotive suppliers play a key role in innovating and adapting the automotive industry to meet new global societal challenges and regulatory requirements. It is increasingly important to develop new technologies and systems for higher performance in terms of safety, sustainability, connectivity and comfort.

Solutions Provider - Automotive suppliers deliver solutions today for the challenges of tomorrow’s road transport. Thanks to a wide range of innovative technologies, safe, smart and sustainable mobility improve every day, for the greater benefit of consumers, in terms of cost and comfort.

Business Leader - The ability for industry and their associated service companies to sell their products and profit in Europe and the world forms the necessary basis for further investment, innovation, tax revenues and employment in Europe. The EU needs to maintain a world-class car industry, producing the safest, smartest and most sustainable vehicles globally and providing high-skilled jobs to millions. The European Commission’s new targets – to increase industry’s share of GDP to 20% by 2020, to reduce consumption of primary energy by 20% by 2020, to cut emissions up to 40% by 2030 – can only be achieved with the strong contribution of the automotive industry and its expertise in technologies.