Your Brake Parts - Our Competence in Machining and Materials

SPK Cutting Tool Division of CeramTec GmbH can call on their knowledge and experience of high-performance machining of cast iron especially in the brake industry for nearly 60 years. These are the best qualifications for solving the whole range of machining tasks with optimal cutting tools and best in class cutting materials based on ceramics and PCBN. Our machining competence and application of cutting tools is not limited to brake parts only. It is comprising turning, milling and boring tasks of components made from a wide range of materials: - Grey cast iron, - Ductile cast iron - Compacted graphite iron - Hardened steels - Chilled cast iron - Super alloys and aerospace materials. With all our engineering services and cutting tool solutions, our main objective is to raise your productivity up to the high-performance level. The creation of individual, innovative and efficient machining solutions is our area of expertise.

CeramTec is a competent partner for ceramic and CBN cutting materials as well as for ceramic carbide materials and components for numerous technical applications.

The material and process development for the production of Al-MMC-materials with high ceramic content (30-50 v%) is currently in progress. A material with silicon carbide as ceramic component could be interesting for applications as MMC-brake disc.