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China Automotive Innovation Corporation (CAIC)

China Automotive Innovation Corporation (CAIC)




With a joint investment of 16 billion RMB, China Automotive Innovation Co., Ltd. (CAIC) was established by China South Industries Group Co., Ltd, China FAW Group Co., Ltd, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd, Changan Automobile Co., Ltd, and Nanjing Jiangning Economic Development Zone Technology Co. Ltd. CAIC is committed to the development of forward-looking, general and integrated core technology, key components and industry incubation. With the vision of "developing green and low-carbon, intelligent and safe, and automotive technology that provides the ultimate experience; empowering a pleasant travel and a better life". CAIC adheres to the culture of challenge, leadership, innovation, and cooperation, hammering at becoming a leader in technological innovation on automotive industry, a practitioner of industrial incubation, and a driver of data services, and making efforts to create China's first and world-class innovative automotive high-tech enterprise.

The company focuses on three major business areas, carrying out Intelligent Electric Chassis, Hydrogen Powertrain, Autopilot OS Computing Platform, Next Generation Perception System, Vehicle-cloud Platform, Solid-state Lithium Battery, Intelligent Cockpit, Cyber Security projects and striving to achieve industry leadership in three years.

Up to now, the company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Horizon, Uisee Technology Co., Ltd, Nanjing Xinchi Semiconductor Technology Co. Ltd, SPIC Hydrogen Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd and PATEO IOV, strengthening the complementary advantages, gathering advantageous resources, promoting forward-looking common technology development, and persisting to drive industry breakthrough and innovation.

The company plans to build a CAIC R&D center, which can accommodate more than 5,000 R&D staffs in the three years and to play a leading position in the domestic market and to have the capability to become the first-class automotive high-tech company. Meanwhile, it has initiated the plan to establish three industrial parks, including the intelligent electric chassis, hydrogen powertrain, and the intelligent network. The construction of the industrial parks and the demonstration area, the so called "three parks and one area", create a new ecological park for intelligent vehicles with the concepts of the green, low-carbon, intelligence and safety, and ultimately the experience of next-generation automotive technology research and the strategic development.




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16 July 2021


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