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Battaggion S.p.A., founded in 1918, offers an extensive experience in the design and manufacture of single machines as well as complete equipment for the mixing of paste, liquid and powder products. This depth of knowledge is derived from the experience gained throughout the long company history, close association with customers and their specific requirements, continuous research and innovation.

Battaggion S.p.A. supplies batch mixers to the Chemical Industry in general, with particular emphasis in the fields of: friction materials, rubber, plastics-PVC, adhesives, pharmaceutical, etc.

At Battaggion Works in Bergamo, we have an extensively equipped technical laboratory, with testing facilities, offering to Customers the opportunity to test product compatibility on our machines, as well as product development.

In the last ten years Battaggion created a real Group, called “Battaggion Group”, thanks to the acquisition of the brand "Enrico Molteni" and thanks to the stockholding of Company Valtorta Srl- Battaggion Group.

In this way Battaggion has progressively enlarged its presence and its leading position in the mixing sector all over the World.